About us
We are a manufacturer company of:

Clip-on fenders Trims - in black matt, chrome and paint ready finish

Decorative lower trunk Trim - in chrome finish

 Pads under license plates - in chrome finish

Our offer includes all brands of cars and most of the models.
Every day we create new designs, such a process expands our product
range and currently represents more than 1050 kind of trims.
A wide range of applications is the basis of our success.

Top quality products
Best customer service
30-days money back guarantee
Our team

The professionalism of our staff ensures a pleasant, prompt and professional
customer service. Each set of trims produced by CAMEO is made from the finest
materials using tools to guarantee an exact match to the car model.

Finish and quality meet the highest modern requirements,
which in turn allows us to provide lifetime warranty.